The 6 who signed Amalgamation in 1914



Only 6 Nigerians Signed The Amalgamation Document In 1914;

1.HRH Maiturare Sarkin Mussulumi and Sultan of Sokoto
2. Usuman Dan Maje who later became Emir of Kano
3. Sir Kitoyi Ajasa a lawyer
4. HRH Oladigbolu Alaafin of Oyo
5. HRH R Henshaw (Obong of Calabar)
6. Abubakar Shehu of Borno

VENUE: Zungeru, Niger State (The Capital of the British Protectorate of Northern Nigeria 1902 – 1916


Total: 28
22 British
6 Nigerians

Meaning, no records of any approval from the various tribes and kingdoms to those six to act on their behalf.

Since the entire South East had no signature on it they can opt out Nigeria legally if the can drag their case to UNO or World Court.

In the SW at the time of that event in 1914 Egba United Government EUG was not part of Nigeria, they too can legally opt out of Nigeria if they can drag it to UNO or world Court


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