Terrorist’s Sister Saira Khan talked to the Press.


Sara KhanNEWSZENTS Syeed Farook’s sister said on NBC interview just concluded today that her brother, Syeed the terrorist, is a good Muslim, she was asked if the wife was too, she said yes.

( what a definition for a good Muslim)

Ask if she was disappointed in her brother, she said she was shocked but not disappointed.


Asked if she ever cried over the actions of her brother and his wife, which led to the deaths of 14 people and 21 wounded mostly those who came to their baby shower.

Syeed’s sister said she wish she could cry but she had to stay strong for her own children.Bomber Tashfeen

(What a statement with no feelings for those who died)

She confirmed seeing a gun with her brother in the past and she visited her brother, his wife and daughter at least ones a month.

(Never reported the gun to police or family members)

Asked if she was very close to her brother, with blinking eyes without feelings she said yes until he got married, she claimed, she did not know the last name of the woman her brother married until the attack.

In the shootout, Syeed’s wife was in charge of the gun shooting from the back seat of the SUV, meaning, US government must review immigration process of fiancee Visa.


1. Where and how did she train in gun shooting before coming to America?

2. How did she pass the background check for a woman born in Pakistan and with several years in Saudi Arabia, a country that produced all the 9-11 attackers in 2001?

3. How did the couple convert their garage into a bomb factory without the knowledge of the Landlord?

4. Will FBI take interest in all the long beard friends of Syeed in his Mosque? That will be the best option.

Tasheen Malik the wife and terrorist trained as a Pharmacist in Saudi Arabia before she joined her husband she met online in America.

Few minutes ISIL just claimed the two terrorist as followers of the Caliphate.


With lots of blinking eyes, Farook’s sister knew more than she told the press, this is the opinion of the Oracle, don’t be surprise when the FBI starts talking to her more. Latest informatio just linked the Saira to a radical group with ties to Muslim Brotherhood.


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