Tears of tomorrow


Tears of TomorrowNEWSZENTS After the 9/11 attack in New York in the United States of America almost 3000 innocent Americans died, and shoe bomber came up to blow Aircraft again. Europe, and America tightened up securities at the ports of entries, they made the innocent public to remove their shoes, belts, watches and jackets, they went through the Laptops; they even stopped the public from coming into the Airport with ordinary water.

Why? It could be acidic or some kind of dangerous chemicals.

That is not even enough, they parted your body, men and women, they raised your hands up like the Cowboys movies of Clint Eastwood and ex-rated you like a disease, looking for anything that can make you look like a terrorist. Somehow men no longer leave their beards again or women are now afraid to head tie the heads anymore, you are forced to check in your baggage at a cost and the airlines are making money out of the ugly situation.

Just when they thought they have figured every system out on how to secure everything, the very people from the Middle East they are afraid of, walked in like refugees into all the nations by roads, with everything the world could be afraid to mention, their ways of everything, just too scary to write on paper they brought kids to get the sympathy of the world, to the anyone with hearts they looked harmless, helpless people that needed help.

Surprisingly, Europe welcomed them, they welcomed their enemies with open hands, they forgot what the Bible told them to watch and pray, but Israel knew better, Saudi Arabia and Yamen knew better toothey refused to welcome the refugees and those of us still using the Airports may now look like fools. In the same way Chinua Achebe saw it in his book Things Fall Apart when the White men came’ They came peacefully, we were amused with their teachings and before we realised, things fell apart” so it will be for Europe at its value system that will be changed by the refugees.

Today United States of America is thinking of joining Europe to welcome these people. And you wondered if Americans will understand why the 3000 Americans were killed on 9/11 at all, the years of wars if it meant anything at all and families destoyed because of it. But humans are favored with one problem. Short Memories.


The real problem is never going to be on the Air planes anymore, probably on the roads, by foot, by the refugees, the generosity of Europe does not see it that way, the refugees may have the tears today on their eyes, it may be tears of tomorrow for the host nations all over Europe.

Will the tears come to America again like it did 14 years ago? With our men and women who died protecting us at the war, those with TBI and PTSD in many military hospitals all over the country that may never recover from the trauma of the ways?

What happened to the foresightedness of Europe and America in seeing the danger ahead? Why not create a camp for the refugees in their own environment for peace of the future?

As a Black man. I know what to do, I will stay with my Greyhound bus, Coach USA, and never to travel by Air anymore because I don’t want to be parted all over again neither do I want to look like a fool when the real enemies are on the ground.

It is coming, the tears of tomorrow.

Zents Sowunmi is a New York based writer, and author, Unequally Yoking, The Vultures and the Vulnerable, Not a stranger anymore. Before the journey became Home” etc. His books are available on amazon.com


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