Tax and Law: How the enemies got President Trump


By the time the Special Counsel Robert Mueller tidy up the taxes and banking issues on Trump Organization it will be too strong to remove the damages of it all on Trump’s presidency.

In the same way, his personal Lawyer  Cohen was made to be a government witness against him, his bank in Germany  raided with the approval of German government as a result of his  critic over NATO funding and his tax guy in New York and Chicago which the Fed raided this week alone and  may be telling government stories against Trump, it is obvious the President is fighting more than 2016 election he won.

The Oracle says there  is more to what Presidents Trump problems are, they are even more like a global war on his presidency with all the cooperation of the liberals at home championed by CNN, DNC and those ignorants of what is at stake.

America is not only trying to remove or clean the system, it is re-subjecting the country to the control of global order and Trump must be removed.

Details coming.



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