Steve Schmidt quits GOP for DNC


Another Republican, Steve Schmidt, working for Democrat controlled news media, MSNBC finally quit the Republican Party just like the former Congressman from Florida Joe Scarborough of the same channel did about a year ago when he fell in love with Mika Brizinski of the morning Joe.

Steve, was the Campaign Manager for Senator John McCain in 2018 election which the later lost to Baraack Obama, after the loss, Steve was engaged as a political commentator on MSNBC programs particularly on Morning Joe now hostile to Trump.

It is not difficult to note how Steve abandoned his conservative views when his job and former boss are both anti-Trump.

The more President Trump is getting stronger and popular within the Party, the more the losers to his conservative views are leaving the Party, about 40 Congress men will not seek re-election in 2018 midterm election including the Speaker Paul Ryan most of them were never Trump’s favorite for winning 2016 party primaries.

It will be recalled Trump won 2016 presidential election because of his connection to the base those against him in his own Party in the primaries voted for Hillary Clinton the nominee of the Democrat Party.

President Bush 41 and 43 publicly supported Hillary Clinton, while Bush thought he would be the last Republican President for a long time but the result of 2016 took them by surprise as Donald J Trump became the 45th President of America.

Will the Republican Party miss Steve Schmidt? It is doubtful.


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