St.Buhari: Attestation Candidate


KATSINA State College or High school statement of Result St. Buhari first presented to INEC said he Buhari had B3 in History as a subject, however in the WAEC attestation “Zabrifikate” from Ghana said he had AI.

Originally, University of Cambridge UK which organized the exam in 1961 for WAEC did not provide any information to support any of the two documents.

Oracle says this new and shinning “Zabrifikate” christened “Attestation” is not valid until St Buhari presents it to INEC, then he may be liable for fraud, and discripances on any of the two documents, the best thing St. Buhari can do is to prevent further evidences for his enemies, he can keep the attestation paper in his library at home away from INEC for his Grandkids to play with.

This new Zabrifikate he got from Ghana with a funny smile on his face more like home delivery package from or dome delivery did not pass the lie test.

The case will look more interesting in Court if the PDP can push it, instead of wasting time let Buhari send all his military training certificates to ASCON or ABU or UI for evaluation  he may get up to a Diploma in public Administration.



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