Sowore’s 100k living wages is realistic


NEWSZENTS: Omoyele Sowore, the Presidential candidate of African Action Party should have told Nigerians the dollar value of 100k the monthly living wages he is proposing  for the Nigerian workers and what they can do with it, which is just only $300 per month.

The recent CNN report placed Nigeria behind India in poverty ranking with less than $2 per day and a break down will reveal the phony assumption behind the current and proposed 30k from the Federal Government.

Presidential candidate Omoyele Sowore

What can anyone expect from a family of 4 with 100k in Naira  per month if they have to live in a two bedroom apartment of at least 15k per month?

Decency will require the couple to have a separate room from that of their two kids for conjugal business activities and privacy requirement.

If they are Christians of Penticoatal denomination, the Church will grab 10k as their monthly tithes if they are not, it could be savings for emergency family needs.

How much will the two kids spend per day on food and transportation to school?

Let us roughly place it at about a thousand Naira each and that will be 40k for food and school alone of the two kids. We already have 65k without anything for the couple.

Let us add 35k to food and transport including 5k on electricity bill that will be 40k, excluding medicine or social commitment and responsibilities to their extended families. It is already 105k, clothing, medicine and social responsibility not included.

The above, will not include any savings on the part of the couple in case their kids are hospitalized or parental problems.

Unless we are not reasonable to consider the needs of a decent family,  100k in Naira  is even too little to support a decent family and the proposed living wages of 100k  by Sowore which  he called living wages is not for savings or to build a house, it is  just to live a decent middle class life and the so called 30k proposed by the Federal govt can not pay rent, food, medicine and family responsibilities of a decent and honest couple.

The Oracle will plead with Nigerians to take a second look at Sowore’s proposal with seriousness, his programs will touch the lives of average Nigerians  than the 30k of the Federal Government.

If we even go by the CNN $2 per day the two children will have $120 per month, if we place the wife on $3 per day that will be $90 per month, if the head of the family is $4 per day that will be $120 per month.

The family monthly budget will be 120+120+90=$330 if we covert it to exchange rate of 360 to a dollar we are looking at N118,800 even  more than the 100k proposal from Sowore.

This family of four, will not have a car to maintain nor will they  be able to pay for petrol or insurance on a car even if they are given one by a generous  family member,  like Sowore called it, 100k  is only a living wages.




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