Serena Williams again kept history waiting


US tennis Open ended with Serena Williams again keeping history and her fans waiting for yet  another day that would have made her to equal the 1975 record of Margaret Court with 24 grand slams.

With much expectations  from sport fans to witness history, many in thousands on the Court and millions at home or sport clubs glued to the televisions worldwide went to bed last night unhappy, and  sad for a history goal post which keeps on shifting  with  another  loss of the world greatest player  Serena to a young Bianca Andreecue of Canada.

           Margaret Court now 77yrs old

Williams  37,  with her 23 Grand Slams is short by one, and she is now with  a  history hunting her for the past three finals, as she was defeated in two straight sets yesterday by  Bianca Andreecue,  the Canadian lady of Romania immigrants in US Open in the presence of her friends some of them married to the Princes in UK.

What went wrong?

       Serena Williams eyes on history.

Williams, the new mother  is melting down sport analysts said tensions  could be seen from what could have been  an easy win for her  in the past but  now a struggle  in more than three occasions to the new stars that were born during her reign as the best in the game.

The Bianca Andreescue the Canadian lady 19 was born ten months after Serena Williams got her first win of  US open, and some are asking the warrior of the Williams family to retire.

Retire to do what?

Newszents Sport analyst  said with just two wins  for Serena to make her all-time best player in history after Margaret  Court of Australia now 77 years old,  also a Pastor who predicted no one would ever beat her 24 Grand Slams  record which is now just one win within the reach of Serena, last year Margaret  Court was forced to retract her predictions and rely on her total 62 wins records.

Serena Williams may need to learn to just be easy with herself because the  history she is chasing is already hers and more  will come when she relaxes and it will happen when she least expected.

Like Margret Court noted, Serena apart from her powerful serves, must also attack from  the center of the court to keep on winning and you wonder if she was there in US Open to see the lady after her records.

She was not.

On the court yesterday, everybody was shocked with the outcome, except the winner herself  who now joined the Raptors the  Canadian Basketball Champions, as a new star from the North.

However, with 24, Grand Slams, 19 mixed doubles, and 21 doubles  Margaret Court of Australia may have  one of her records taken very soon but it will be difficult for anyone to beat all her 62 records.

Steffi Graf of Germany stopped chasing after Court’s  record when she reached 22 Grand Slams to raise her kids, Bill Jean, Chris and others stopped half way, will Serena too stop?

The answers is not clear to a Serena who on three occasions easily reached finals only to melt down, no matter what happens, her records too are also intact like that of Margaret Court, at one stage, the game of Tennis was named “Serena Grand Slams” for winning everything including Gold in the Olympics in one year and no one can take that from her.

Finally, the game of Lawn Tennis is not like it was during Margaret Court days, today computer simulations now used to study competitors’ strength and weaknesses, meaning, Serena may be facing  difficult standards than it was during Ms Court’s days, for her generation, Newszents Sport analyst  concludes, she will remain the best even if she fails to retire.

Zents Sowunmi is a New York based writer, @newszents onTwitter. His books are available on and Barns and Noble.


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