Senseless war is over says President Trump

This Sept. 16, 2013 photo, Donald Trump appears on the "Fox & friends" television program in New York. He's been a real estate mogul, a tabloid fixture and a reality TV star. And now Donald Trump, perennial self-promoter, is toying with the idea of challenging New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo. Trump, saying the state's high taxes and tight gun-control laws make the popular Democratic incumbent vulnerable, has met with Republican leaders and has pledged to spend tens of millions of dollars on a potential campaign. (AP Photo/Richard Drew)

With over 800 military bases in almost 70 countries, active wars in 100 places, President Trump said United States of America will no longer be involved in senseless wars, it will not fight over deserts places like Syria with no financial benefits to his country.

Under his leadership President Trump said any nation looking for US protections must pay, the bill, the era of US as policeman of the world is over, he will no longer sacrifice the lives of US soldiers in useless wars.

Trump defended his withdrawal from Syria based on the fact of history as those involved there are traditional and historical enemies and hanging there is waste of fund and himan resources.

President Trump while consoling the widows and children of dead soldiers, he almost asked those clamoring for war in Congress or continue stay of US Army in the Middle East to send there children to war, he said he could feel the absence of fathers, wives, and husbands from the homes and the impart of these absence on their children.

In the last thirty years since the deserts storm war of President Bush 41, through Clinton, 42 Bush 43, and Obama 44, the US had lost over $8 trillion dollars, with no hope of getting anything financially from all these wars.

Without reading the body language of the President, it will not be wrong to say with 23trillion dollar debt, US is broke, new wars and maintaining the ecisting 800 military bases in over 70 countries will push the nation down the cliff

Washington DC, the home place of all political lobbyists for all interest are not happy with the approach of Trump however the era of free money, wastage of man , money and materials over senseless war with no gain for US is over at least under Trump.

President Trump said the wars dragged down economic policies and infrastructural development of US for countries like China which had never gone to war with any nation to compete economically with US.



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