RUGA: Uncomfortable Solution


NEWSZENT: When a country runs a civilian government based on rule of law, the government at the center must go through National Assembly to get approval and funding of any project.

Also, if a State Governor must committ his State to a Federal project that will involve the take over of land from farmers, it must secure approval from the State House of Assembly, the above two important aspect of democratic principles did not happen.

This RUGA settlement in another name and style was rejected by last National Assembly and no record that this current NASS discussed or approved funding this RUGA deal, that will be used to resettle Fulani herdsmen into 120 local govt areas of the South.

The danger is there for those who can see it when a group of people already exposed to Ak47 and probably working for terrorist organization are positioned in the South.

Think about it.


The Oracle says let each state set up their own ranches, privately own by citizens of each state, in partnership with their own Ministry of Agriculture, a ranch that will produce dairy products like fresh milk, and cheese.

The Fulani can still be the supplier of the cows as well as all citizens of Nigeria for their states, that is how a sincere govt will approach this not a sneaky way with making it possible for stark illiterates and diabolical group of people with guns to settle in other people’s comfort zones.

The National Assembly must ask the FGN to return to the drawing table for the Assembly to look into it.

The States with interest in RUGA never secured approval from their State Assemblies, bunch of Governors with loyalties to President Buhari instead of the the collective will of their states.

RUGA as being executed by the Federal Government  is against the legal rulings of Justice Adewale Thompson in 1969 on the same issue and it is not following the rule of law only in a Military Government is this possible without question and we are not operating in such a nation anymore.

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