Zimbabwe hero, Robert Mugabe dies aged of 95


Zimbabwe controversial President,  Robert Mugabe is dead, he was aged 95. late President Robert Mugabe along with late Joshua  Nkomo in the late seventies and early eighties  fought for the Independence of Zimbabwe after rejecting the imposition of Rev. Abel Mozorewa the candidate of the colonial master. who replaced the White PM Ian Smith who led a coup to become Leader after the British left.

Zimbabwe was part of Rhodesia which eventually becane Zimbabwe and the other part became Zambia as a separate country with her independence long before of what became Zimbabwe.

Mugabe  went to jail like most of the freedom fighters, and he formed  ZANU Party while his political rival , the favorites of most African leaders particularly, Nigeria the shobby Joshua Nkomo formed ZAPU.

Unfortunately, the election in 1980 or so did not produce a clear winner both ZAPU and ZANU  formed a coalition government with Mugabe as President and Nkomo his deputy.

The political rivalry  between Mugabe and Nkomo  did not end with the coalition government and both political  leaders  separated after Mugabe got more powers than was  constitutionally   agreed over land and the future of the country.

Ten years was the agreement on the Zimbabwe negotiated Constitution for the Whites with 3 percent population to keep 20 percent of the government after ten years the country would or could adopt a new constitution to address the issue of land taken illegally by the whites due to years of colonization.

In exchange for the letters of the negotiated Constitution USA inder former President Jimmy Carter  would give Zimbabwe $75m and a 100m pounds from UK yearly towards land reform with a view the Whites land owners and farmers would have been compensated.

However, the effect of land take over by the Zimbabweans after ten years as agreed in the Constitution  became an issue over South Africa political problems with Mandela still in jail in the light of the above, African leaders persuaded Mugabe to delay the review of the Constitution, and as such, the implementation of the ten years plans for a review of the Constitution was placed on hold and it led to political tension for President Muhabe.

Secondly, US new President Ronald Reagan and British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher reneged on payments from their countries to support  Zimbabwe, and it forced the military and Black potential land owners to demand for their land back after Mandela was released and won election as President of South Africa

Political  tension overwhelmed President Mugabe, he tactically approved the forceful land take  over and many of the white  farmers relocated to other countries in Africa particularly in Kwara State in Nigeria

US and UK that had earlier refused to support the nation financially applied sanctions on Zimbabwe which affected the economy of the African country, the monitary system was demaged and Mugabe faced political problem  at home until he was removed  from office in 2017 through a military coup.

Mugabe ruled Zimbabwe for 37 years

Zents Sowunmi is  a New York based writer


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