R Kelly arrested for Sexual abuse of underaged 4 Chicago girls


NEWSZENT: Chicago, number  one crime city in America still in the news over the self organized race attack by Jussie Smollet of Empire fame, recorded another one with Robert Kelly, a United States Artist,  music writer/producer and Grammy Award winner known as R Kelly, was arrested in Chicago yesterday for sleeping with underage girls and stupidly putting the scene on a video.

                                 R Kelly.

For years, all accusations  against R Kelly, were either treated as lies or rumor even when the case came to the Court several years ago, he was found not guilty by a compromised Jury until recently, when four ladies openly came out of the same accusation that when they were 14 years, they rapped or abused.

Somehow, Avannati, the crepy phony Lawyer of Stommy Daniels who went after President Trump over hush hush payment claimed he found the recorded video of how R.Kelly committed the crime, he gave a copy to CNN, and City of Chicago a copy.

R Kelly, wrote some of the hit songs for Michael Jackson and on his own, he did some that made him popular, like “We did it for love” and “I believe I can fly”

How far can R.Kelly  fly if what he did with sleeping with underage and rapping women was  for love or prison?



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