Prince Harry and flower of Ragland

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle depart via the West Door of St George's Chapel in Windsor Castle after their wedding. Saturday May 19, 2018. Ben Birchall/Pool via REUTERS

When the Oracle wrote on how Megan, the flower of Doris Ragland, the mother of Megan Marcle would be safe in the hands of the charming Prince Harry the sixth in line to the British throne , the readers never understood what the Oracle had in mind particularly the fear of Ms Doris the single mother, a social worker from the sanctuary state of California in the United states of America.

Well, for the second time in the last nighty years or so precisely in 1936, in England King Edward111 walked away from the crown to be with his  Sallus Simpson he married six months after,  Sallis Simpson, an American from Baltimore in Maryland,  twice divorced with two living ex husband a society woman who caused Constitutional crises for the United Kingdom.

Somehow history just repeated itself, in 2020, a Prince Harry walked away from the Royal acolytes to be with the flower of Doris Ragland, his wife Megan somehow they both got married in the same City that made Sallis Simpson a Duchess.

Megan from day one after her marriage became the most seen in the world, she was never really accepted as a member of the Royal Family, she tried with visible smiles on her face to hide her frustration and pain without luck, however, she took the pain home every night to Prince Harry who had to choose between his young family and his second fiddle place in a larger Kingdom in which five people must die If he has to be a King.

The Duke of Sussex consulted extensively with friends, particularly those who know how to make money without depending on the system, with his wife, he talked to the William sisters, Opera Winfrey and others like in the movie Jerry Mcquarrie “Show me the money” it was how he was advised with his oath to his wife before God and Man in the Chapel at Winsor.

Prince Harry took his wife to Canada while he faced Her Royal Majesty in the Buckingham Palace on a decision that would alter the system in Great Britain.

The Queen could not pretend not have seen the handwriting on the wall, it happened before with Princess Dianna the mother of Harry who against tradition walked away from her marriage from Prince Charles for lack of candor and dated a Muslim to the detriment of what the British monarchy stood for.

Well, Princess Dianna died in a motor accident with her Muslim lover under the tunnel in Paris France, please not Paris Texas, France in the eyes of paparazzi, it was rumored she was killed, some even said she was pregnant at the time of her death, what ever it was, she left behind two innocent boys, Harry took more of her mother than his senior brother, he is jovial like his mother, with that he won admiration with transferred love of his mother from the rest of the world.

The circumstances around the death of Princess Diana got Doris Ragland worried, but fortunately for her Harry gave his words to protect her flower on the Alter in the Church in Windsor UK when they got married and that he intended to do that in reality, with his decision to protect and cherish his love more than the secondary role in the British Kingdom.

The Queen as if she had any choice, agreed to all the requests of her grandson Harry for his young family to step down from all the royal duties, and never to undertake missions that will disrespect the crown, in addition Prince Harry will return the $3m spent to furnish his house for him.

With that, he can relocate to America like his great grand father or Uncle did in 1937 with his American wife, he will shuttle between England, Canada and United states of America to go about his business, he is currently worth over 100million dollars, with Oprah Winfrey and Serena Williams beside the Harry and Megan the Oracle says new products will bear their names, opportunities will follow them not only because his family, Harry is charming with lots of goodwill, like the Bible says “Goodness and Mercy will follow me all the days of my life”

The message is for those who sees the world in the eyes of Diana, a beautiful place for those with the love of mankind and Doris Ragland with a smile on her face can be assure Harry will take care of her flower.

Zents Sowunmi is a Mastic Beach NY based writer and author of several books, check to grab a copy of his books.


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