President Trump to repeat history with Special Counsel Mueller


In 1980, Donald J Trump the son of Fred,  a rising New York real estate star trekked to Brooklyn New York to sit down with FBI in charge of Organized Crimes Strike force.

Donald Trump against the advise of his family and lawyers went to meet FBI alone without his attorney by his side and willingly submitted himself to all the questions asked.

Trump presented himself as a victim of organised crimes, and he won the case against FBI.

President Trump will be using the same strategy in the on going Special Counsel case on Russia over the 2016 Presidential elections he won against Hillary Clinton he labelled “Crooked Hillary” because she escaped prosecution in an organized way from the same FBI.

Against advise of his attorney President Trump wants to meet the Special Counsel and wants it in the public. He wants to tell his own story better than Liberal press and biased DNC losers would report.

Will this work?


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