Peter Strzok escorted out of FBI building


NEWSZENTS: Peter Strzok the FBI Chief counter intelligence officer was escorted out of FBI building in Washington DC after he lost his security clearance.

Peter in 2016 had an affiars with FBI fellow staff, Lisa Page, both were married couple at the time of their affiars, and they used secret FBI emails to discuss their plans to destroy the result of 2016 Presidential election because of their love for Hillary Clinton and hatred for the GOP candidate Donald J Trump.

Both Peter and Lisa even duscussed plan “B” in case Trump emerged winner of the 2016 Presidential election, their email indicated they reported to another FBI boss referred to as “Andy” subsequent investigations revealed the Andy in their text messages was the fired FBI Deputy Director, Andrew MaCade.

Interestingly, the same Peter Strzok  covered all the tracks of FBI to clear Hillary of wrong doings, and Andrew MaCade managed the group that interviewed Hillary without oath  in the email scandal in which she destroyed and bleached 30,000 emails.

All those who could be involved with Hillary were given immunity that made a mockery of the who FBI investigations which the then Attorney General Lyrette Lych directed the former FBI James Comey to call it “matter” for Hillary to look good.

Peter Strzok had agreed to a Congressional interogation if he could be given immunity, from prosecution, his offer has not been accepted bythe the Congress, more also as criminal charges may be taken against all the five members of the deep red in DOJ and FBI.


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