PA Grand Jury indicted Pope Francis in sexual abuse cases


Pope Francis, the head of the Vatican  Cuatholic Mission in Rome has been indicted by the Pennsylvania state Grand Jury over sexual abuses in the state involving 300 Priests with  over 1000 kids of the state.

Unfortunately, for the Catholic mission one of the Priests involved  was the immediate past Pope Benedith the German who stepped down after eights years as Pope.

Cardinal Benedith, who became the Head of the Vatican  as the Pope in a controversial election after he  edged out the Nigerian Cardinal Francis Arinze,  a favorite of all and that of the  late Pope John who would have been the first Black Pope of modern era since 1220 AD. Cardinal Arinze retired years later.

The reason as to why Pope Benedith stepped down was not revealed by the Vatican, it was never heard off  that a Pope would quit, but it happened, however, this new development in the State of Pennsylvania case  may open the eyes of the world as to the reason why he quit, and the current Pope knew more than what he told the Grand Jury.

Pope Francis is now  accused of cover up and probably involved in similar cases himself and the US Attorney General will now open cases against all the cover ups in all other 49 states in the United States  America.

( Late Pope John who wanted Nigerian Cardinal Arinze to succeed him)

Pope  Francis from South America has now been asked to step aside or resign as the Pope to save the  image of Vatican.

What happens if the Pope refuses to resign or to answer charges of cover ups which is a felony case in the United States  legal codes?

The Oracle says he can be arrested if he steps on the soil of United of America  or  allied nations by CIA and FBI.

The US Government can freeze all the assets of the Church until there is compliance, the books and banks of the Church can be blocked by IRS.

To be continue.



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