Oil Minister: The Oracle tells President Buhari Don’t Take it.


Can President Buhari legally hold the position of Oil Minister without contravening the constitution? Can he hold the position without being screened by the Senate? If he will not subject himself to the questions of the Senate, will that not make him to be above the Constitution which specifically asked for screening and confirmation of any Minister in Nigeria?

The President’s supporters may want to refer to former President Olusegun Obasanjo who did it and got away with it. President Obasanjo was wrong but nobody was bold enough then to take him to court because we just started working with the new constitution and we were yet to push the buttons to the last line.

The Oracle is pleading with President Buhari not break the law, let him look around, he can still find good and honest Nigerians that can do a good job, there are still many of them around. His interest in keeping the position of Oil Ministry will be challenged and it may distract the presidency. There is even nowhere in the Consitution that allows a President to present himself for screening for any Ministerial appointment without making a mockery of the whole system.

However, President Buhari can just be silent on the Oil Minister position until he can find a good Nigerian, let the junior Minister do the job and take the credit for it but he can not legally hold the office of substantive Oil Minister without breaking the law. The President can not go to the Senate to be screened because there is no provision for it in our Constitution. On a lighter mood among the Muslims particularly in the SW, they normally say it is Haram to be the Lemomu i.e Imam and at the same time be the Seriki. Buhari can not legally be the Seriki and Lemomu at the same time it is just the way it is



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