Ogun State: Buruji called Adebutu Pig eater.


Sen Buruji to Ladi Adebutu

Ladi is a non-starter
I refer to Ladi Adebutu’s comments on the exchanges between me
and OGD and wish to state that I ordinarily would not have joined
issues with the spoilt brat who lives of his father’s wealth. We are
miles apart – in good causes, investments, fame, wealth, honour
and recognition. Ladi is a non-starter.
The only thing I know he has ever done in his life is to raise pigs
which he often eats by himself. May be that explains why he
behaves like one.
It is regrettable that despite his seemingly privileged background,
this low-level braggart has continued to show that he belongs to
the gutters. He smokes Indian hemp, cocaine and cigarette like
chimney. He drinks like a fish, just as he womanizes like a
possessed soul. All of these have resulted in his suffering from all
manner of terminal diseases, including a mental disorder that once
made him a psychiatric patient. So, when you combine his
insatiable appetite for pigs with his health status, one is tempted
to take his comments as coming from someone who is suffering
from a momentary mental relapse.
To be sure, the Supreme Court judgment does not in any way
confer any advantage on Ladi Adebutu and his master, OGD. It was
about two leaders of our party who were fighting over the control
of the party at the national level. And like the opportunists that
they are, having lost out of the struggle for the soul of the PDP in
Ogun State, they sought to catch in on the crisis and benefit from
it. But, they have failed woefully.
I state without any fear of contradiction that you, Ladi and OGD,
cannot smell, let alone take over the structure of the PDP in Ogun
State. Go and ask your boss, OGD. What he could not do with all
his resources as a sitting governor, is it you, a drunkard and an
empty-barrel that will do it? It’s impossible!
God used me and the structure that I lead to give you the ticket
that took you to the House of Representatives. And what you have
decided to do is to bite the fingers that fed you. As the Lord lives,
you will forever live to regret your actions. By the grace of God,
you will not only lose your House of Reps, you will also not smell
the governorship.
At the end of the day, you will bow that the Almighty God has
made me a master, a doctor and a professor of the game of
politics. I know that you do not understand the handwriting on the
wall. It just goes to confirm that you do not know a thing. Pray,
what have you won over me? Nothing!
You can only tell such lies to the blind so as to continue to
deceive and milk them. I am too smart for such frivolities. Even if
you go to Wadata Plaza, one million times, you cannot take over
PDP structure in Ogun State. Not now; not ever! You will only
continue to waste your father’s resources like the prodigal son
that you are.
You alleged that I fought many notable PDP leaders. But you failed
to disclose that you and your father were involved in fighting them.
On the issue of money, it is clear that could not have given me
any money because you still collect allowances from your father.
Even the allowances are barely enough to keep you and your
numerous issues. It was out of your father’s own volition that he
rendered some assistance to me in May 2015 during my
While you and your master, OGD, wanted me dead because of your
governorship ambition and the latter’s desire to stage a comeback
to Ogun State politics, your father did me an unsolicited favour, for
which I am eternally grateful. In 2011, the good man supported
the Ogun State PDP structure under my leadership; just he does
for other parties.
If your father was rich as to part with billions of naira for a mere
House of Reps ticket, it shows that you and your family have an
ulterior motive for seeking elective office because your monthly
take home is N7 million. When you multiply that by 48 months,
you would have earned a total of N336 million. If you say you and
your family paid billions for a ticket worth far less than that, it
shows that you are a fool, blackmailer and numb skull.
Ladi, I can never in my life contemplate having anything to do with
you. You are too small and inconsequential in the scheme of
things. You are a senseless boy and the wasteful son of a
comfortable man. You have never worked for money. I have – and
so, we are not mates.
You know how I met you and cleaned you up. I took you to
Sofisticat and made most of the white clothes you wear. I bought
shoes, wrist watches and other accessories for you. You were
using a Toyota Sienna when I met you. I was the one who bought
you a green GL 450 Mercedes Benz from Skymit Motors for N7.5
million. Ladi, you are an ingrate and a serial betrayer. You will
soon meet your reward.
Henceforth, I will cease to join issues with you. It is your boss,
OGD, who has always been my puppet that should face me, not a
miniature like you. I don’t deal with those who have lost the pot. If
I had a child like you, I would have disowned him because you are
an irredeemable prodigal son. A git! SPBK.


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