Offa Robbery: Saraki Vs Buhari



NEWSZENTS: 33 innocent people got killed, 12 pregnant women and several wounded, unfortunately, the leader of terrorist group is a Buddy of Dr. Bukki Saraki, our Senate President, the man in charge of making laws to keep us safe.

The Oracle says in a civilized society Dr. Saraki would have resigned in shame to have been associated with the terrorist group in any capacity no matter how little it could have been, but in Nigeria, all is nothing but a movie.

Our leaders toy with the integrity of their office from the Presidency to ordinary local Government Councellor. President Buhari in the past attended Mosques with those accused of corruption, it took him months to fire without prosecution his self appointed Secretary to the Government who claimed he cut grass in a desert will 200 million naira.

President Buhari too is very selective in seeking justice like he did in 1983, any alledged criminal like Governor Kalu accused of corruption are protected, those in opposition party are attacked.

Democracy is only good, if it is practised by men and women with honors and respect for the rule of law and the people, unfortunately, non of these is applicable in Nigeria, which is why there is frustration on the faces of the people and they are wondering if they made the right choice with Democracy instead of military system.

Why not go back to dictatorship if all they could get are bunch of criminals with paid thugs with AK47 all over the nation is all they could get after people like MKO Abiola and Alfred Ruwani paid the price with their lives?

Oracle said few days ago, only those who can financially pay and manage thugs can be successful in politics in Nigeria, and he even challenged readers to mention any politician in Nigeria without thugs to do his dirty jobs. None of them is free including the President.

When Gen Buhari lost elections years ago, thousands were killed, by thugs loyal to him, nobody was prosecuted for it, APC won last election because, APC thugs killed and traumatized the PDP thugs.

The result of every election had always been decided by the thugs, they changed figures, they killed, even terrorized INEC officials to attain their objectives.

Again this week, this Oracle even suggested the classification of thugs as an act of terror and a threat to our Democracy, but President Buhari does not have the courage to challenge the very negative system that gave him victory in 2015.

To be a politician in Nigeria, you must be ready to tell lies, you must be ready to steal, you must be able to apply voodoo where neccessary, employ and manage pool of thugs that can kill on your behalf, destroy the result of any election or kill the opposition if possible, those are characteristics of politicians in Nigeria.


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Zents Sowunmi


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