Obama: Thinking like the British


Obama 22Newszents: When President Obama, a Democrat took over from former President Bush a Republican in Jan 2009, he recinded all the executive orders of President Bush, and the former President George Bush never made a noise or formed a pressure group to make him unpopular with his actions, instead Bush kept his distance far away in Dallas Texas.

The above process had been the practise since 1789, when administration changes hand between two Political parties except if the government is between same party, no past Presidents since 1789 even shared Washington DC with a sitting President. It is called respect and understanding of the system of government, all these Obama did not understand or  he willingly displayed complete ignorance of how the system works before him. And it is shameful.

If President Trump recinds all the executive orders of former President Obama, he will still be acting according to the Constitution of the United States. It must not be taken as personal unlike how Obama took it.

No administration is bound to keep any executive order of any past Presidents particularly, that of a different party, because of ideological differences and this should not be strange to any person except the ignorant of US Constitutional thinking.

What is unethical and strange is for any past President to insist on making his predecessor to keep his policy in place years or months after leaving office.

If a past President was unable to have the Congress make his policy the law of the land he must be wise and reasonable enough to understand as soon as he lives office, the next President other than the same political party with him may not share the same policy or idea behind any of his executive orders and it should not be taken personal when those orders are removed, more also, if he too in the past did the same to the President he succeeded, which was what happened to how he Obama recinded Bush executive orders.

How former President Obama is conducting his post office critics and pressure group against a sitting US President over his illegal orders can only show lack of understanding of US presidential system or willing intention to disrespect the office of President.

United States of America with her 1789 Constitution  is not a British Parliamentary system, and there is no room for opposition system, hoping the government would collapse for his Democrat party to call for early elections. Or there will be room for him to have another term in office. It is never going to happen.

Another Democrats President Clinton said he wished the Constitution could be changed for him to run for third term, which was why he invested on his wife Hillary to run for office, he told the Press he just wanted to ride Air Force One again, which is the reason, this writer, in past wrote the Democrats have no respect for the Constitution of the country, the Party is too much of European thinking than the founding father’s principles behind 1789 Constitution.

To be continued


Zents Sowunmi is a New York based writer and author of several books


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