No Database for National Award winners..Senator Ben Bruce


Newszents: While the news about the national award to the winner of 1993 Presidential election Chief MKO Abiola by President Buhari became the major news last week, it is very unfortunate to know Nigeria is a country without database for all the awards winners in the country.

According to Senator Ben Bruce some people got the same award twice, and even records of the National Assembly are not documented, all the debates of first, second and third Republic are no longer traceable.

NTA can not boast of her records since 1959. Tapes of the civil war and other achievements of the Nigeria Army, in Congo, Liberia and others are no longer available the Senator lamented.

The Senator Bruce pleaded with the nation to digitize her records, the Oracle says National Archieves must be funded and digitized, it looks like a ghost place inside the University of Ibadan.

What is a nation without records?


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