No Collusion, no obstruction of Justice Special Counsel clears President Trump


Today,  the 24th of March 2019, the United States of America Attorney General William Barr submitted a summary findings of the Special Counsel known as  Mueller Report to the US Congress, and Senate Committed  it says in the report that , President Trump, and his campaign team had no collusion with Russia over in 2016 election.

It also said, the Special Counsel team could not find and evidence to justify obstruction of Justice.

After 2700 subpoenas,500 search warrants, 500 witnesses and $35million the Special Counsel failed to link Trump with any collusion and no event to indict Trump with obstruction of Justice.

Trump later on his way from Florida to DC reconfirm no collusion he had mentioned several times, no President has been treated unfairly in the last 70 years. He wants the system to look at the other side.

However, Robert Mueller failed to do a good job on Obstruction of Justice without being definite he left complete exhonoration to the Attorney General. Political observers are now convinced a second Special Counsel will be appointed.

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