Nigeria: Restructuring National Unity.



Newszents: Former Speaker  House of Representatives now Gov. Tambuwal of Sokoto State spoke against restructuring of Nigeria, to him and the North is a no go area and it is not new, who ever in his or her right senses would think any leader from the North will support Restructuring must not understand this nation. 
Restructuring will lead to the removal of the control of the North from all areas of Nigeria particularly the unitary system of Police etc which favors the North.


Unfortunately, the only close link to restructuring was under Presidents Jonathan and Obasanjo both of them must take the blame for not able to push it beyond lips service, they failed to understand what the imbalance is or was since 1970.  The Oracle says without fear or favour that Restructuring of Nigeria is not possible under President Buhari and no Northern leader will even sing the praise of it. It is a no go area under this administration.
When in future we want to apportion the blame, the founding fathers of APC failed to commit then General Buhari in writing and verbally to the need for restructuring of Nigeria. It was on the basis of that weak commitment the Vice President Yemi Osinbajo gave up on it few weeks ago, he had no document to back the promises made before Tinubu the champion of State and City police and one of the left overs of the bad treatment given to MKO Abiola openly gave all his support to the General from Daura.
Is it too late?
Can it still be done?
Probably, after next presidential election which the North would have repositioned itself to regain the loss under Obasanjo and Jonathan administration and lack of political negotiating powers of Asiwaju B A Tinubu group. The Oracle says it will be a difficult task that may not yield any result as restructuring may even lead to the break away of the country into six units unless the North will agree to a peaceful negotiations which is not likely unless it is not in position of strength.
As it is, the North is consolidating and planting the South with weak leaders not capable of speaking from the position of strength in all areas of government. What then can the South do?
It must start with a baby step, they have to go backroom to the drawing table of Oracle, pick up the political template of EPS that will free the nation from tribalism, religion and godfather mentality after this, the North may see the beauty of restructuring. The North without new resources after the end of oil will rather hang unto the leadership handed over to it rather than succumbing to any new venture.
Finally, the weakness of the nation towards restructuring can be divided into two, in the South it is greed and lack of trust between the West and East and in the North which is religion and power and only EPS can clear the way for restructuring of Nigeria.


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