Nigeria problems: Blame the North


Nigeria economic and political problem as it is, this Oracle says is a product of the leadership from the North since 1960 which never met the standard of 20th and 21st Centuries.

Former VP Abubarka Atiku

Nigeria’s  leadership style is like asking the worst player in a team to be the captain and we expect to be called winners, the facts are there, but we all pretend as if it is not.

This nation of 200 million people with over 255 tribes as it is, with all her shortcomings is North of Nigeria’s vision, with less than 5000MW instead of 85000MW, no functional educational growth, not even functional hspital despute the health of the President himself, if you doubt the above brief summary consider the following.

1.Insecurity on the farmland and killings in all forms going in Nigeria can not be fixed, the North stopped establishment of State and City Policy, it stopped other tribes from offering functional 21st Century solutions.

2. Ability of all the states to manage their God given resources was stopped by the North without 21st Century ideas,  while those in the States not effectively managed.

3. States and Local Government were created only when a Northerner was in power, no other other Presidents from the South created State or local government since 1967 meaning, the North, designed the power structure of the nation with their dreams.

4. The North had lots of influences on the types of Constitution we have ever had since 1970 either bicameral or executive meaning, we as a nation is still living the dreams of the North with the outcome of system with too much powers to the center meaning, all projects require clearance and approval from the North leadership, e.g the new Epe Airport has been delayed since Tinubu was Governor of Lagos State.

If Nigeria is not taking its rightful place in the comity of nations to compete with first world nations , place the blame on the shoulders of the North leadership, it is their baby, if there is no light, no water, no functional infrastructure, it is because we are living in the outcome their dreamed nation, a nation too slow for the future.

The summary is this simple, if Nigeria is not moving forward as expected, it can only mean the North is not equipped with the right 21st Century leadership, they need to step aside or have their own nation.

A system where the Fulani herdsmen had to be paid to stop the killings of innocent farmers is not the true solution, the next government will either pay or face the same problem again and again or where Christians would be killed and the leadership will be too scared to order arrest and prosecute perpetrators.

Nigerians must be bold to look the North straight in the face to shape up, think of 21st Century ways of life, drop all the unprogressive ideas from their culture, tradition and ways of life that are dragging the nation behind, if not, Nigeria will for ever be rejoicing over their mediocre leadership with less than 5000MW instead of 85000MW, federal Police instead of State and City Police.

And all these will not create a happy nation but a nation under unprogressive yoke of lazy leadership all the 21st Century ideas in the two National Conferences from the two Presidents from South were rejected by the North for a continuation of mediocre leadership.



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