Nigeria: Politics of stupid assumptions


When the Oracle received a post on the working machine of re-election system of Buhari in this format that is almost 100% from the South the question that came mind was this.


“Buhari’s re-election campaign
Chairman- Tinubu (South)
DG- Amaechi (South)
Spokesperson- Keyamo (South)
Party chairman- Oshiomhole (South)
Chairman advisory committee- Osinbajo (South)

Buhari’s government after election

SGF (North)
Chief of Staff (North)
All service chiefs (North)
97% MDA’s led by (North)

They are laughing at Southerners!

End of copied post ”


How come those areas that are working so hard for re-election will never be good enough for the positions mentioned in the post is the keyword, not powerless positions after elections?

The Oracle says the South leaders mentioned in the copied post never negotiated for any positions before working for Buhari’s re-elections just like the blacks in US since 1960.

Just give us anything is the policy for personal benefits, not with the Hispanics or the Jews in America, they never supported any presidential candidates since 1789 without serious negotiations for policies and projects that will benefit their races or their community,

The above was the question the Oracle asked Tinubu in 2015 when Buhari was appointing his own Northerners into key positions and they were grumbling.Why?

What were Tinubu’s terms with Buhari before he made it possible for the three times loser to win the presidency? He had no answer.

Was it to get oil blocks or make the SouthWest as powerful and as developed like the North in power sharing mentality?

Or what did Rotimi Amachi the Campaign Director in 2015 and 2019 negotiate for his people in the South South before he worked so hard for Buhari?

Politics of anything you give me mentality is not the best in a diversified country like Nigeria faced with politics of religion and tribal sentiments.

Negotiate upfront with the collective will of your society before you support any President is how to practice true democracy, meaning, Tinubu did not propose Yoruba agenda to Buhari in 2015 and he is still not doing it now.

Same with Amachi, Oshibajo and kayemo, they are just hoping Buhari will give them something that will make them personally happy and that is a stupid assumption.

It is too not late for those mentioned in the post or the SW and SS to renegotiate, but leaving things for Buhari or Atiku to figure it out will lead to frustrations by the time Buhari or Atiku will be appointing the services Chiefs and key positions without the South.

It will be wrong to blame Bubari or Atiku if nothing was negotiated as you lay your bed is how you sleep on it in politics.

Never attend a political market blindly otherwise, you will end up with fake products. Negotiate openly is the keyword in politics, negotiate for development of roads, value system and industrial locations, that is how to play politics.

Zents Sowunmi


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