Nigeria: Buhari’s noise makers (Ministers) May Get Portfolios on Wednesday

615 NY : President Mohamadu Buhari’s Ministers may get portfolios this Wednesday. It is still not clear if those who offered to work for free will still keep their words or also agree to forfeit their allowances. Nigerians all over the world however, did not approve the free work services method, to them, the Ministers went  too far since  “Pro Bono” is not recognized in the Constitution of Nigeria or the general habit of Nigerians not even in the primary schools, nothing is free or where are  these new people coming from? Definitely not in any of the 36 states of Nigeria.

All the Ministers will operate with the scrutiny and eagle eyes  of the public in view of the promises of President Buhari to fight corruption  which was the center of his campaign and somehow the records of some of the approved Ministers in the public opinion, however, did not pass the lie despite the clearance by the DSS and the Senate, even if they  had taken  a birth from River Ganges in India, they will still not be cleaned in the eyes of the public particularly the opposition and legal issues on the door steps of the Senate President. Dr. Buki Saraki.

Former Governor Raji Fashola of Lagos State   said, he had never signed a check in his life but never cleared the statement if he ever authorized the signature of any of the checks in one of the richest in the country, the most astonishing and hilarious   statement came from former Governor Amaechi of River State  who said he hated corruption, and he never gave or offered bribe in his adult life, it was  a statement most Nigerians thought  he went too far in trying to make himself a Saint  in a country bribery is seen as way of life, it would be an experiment if he could teach the youths how he did it right, the Oracle will suggest to  President Buhari if former Governor Amaechi could be made the Minister of National Orientation.

Next week Wednesday will be very interesting on how the new saints in Nigeria will pass all the temptations to confirm their sainthood or be revealed in a choleric exposure, since the President himself called the Ministers noise makers, the nation is waiting to see how all the new 36 new noise makers will blow their horns or wattage of the Speakers hopefully they will do a good job to justify the confidence of this president whose legacy may be affected with the way they perform their duties.



Oracle is a New York based writer.


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