NIGERIA : A Country of Grumblers without action


Nigeria with almost 200 million people in population are fond of one thing that is common to all of them in respect of their education, sex, religion and tribes, they like to grumble about the ugly behaviors of their government be it military of civilians in the last sixty years, and very few of them ever thought they could use legal means to correct the ugly system they have.

Since the death of Fela Kuti and Gani Fawehinmi, it is like the country continues to produce grumblers in millions, even the Kings and Governors love to grumble, they do it behind closed doors of those that make their lives miserable.

Take for example despite their smiling faces to President Buhari before they gave him the second mandate few months ago, no one asked him question about Fulani herdsmen, no one has taken the government to court to sue the Federal Government for damages including wrongful death of families or damages to farms, they give excuses even when they suffer to justify why they think the Court will not take side with Justice.

Nigeria never asked the Speaker of the House of Representative questions or to make a statement on the menace of the Fulani herdsmen, it is even too much for them to ask the Senate President Ahmed Liman questions or statement, they will one day just demonstrate and be teargassed and that will be the end of it.

Why not try and fail instead of not trying at all? They have so many foundations and pressure groups which even too afraid to take the Government to Court to seek redress for those oppressed like the farmers?

Do know If you fail in Nigeria Court there are still international institutions to seek redress that can even place sanctions on the government to respect human right and law of trespass alien to the present leadership?

Do you know you can report cases wrongly decided by any Judge to any international bodies he or she is a member and they will all be so embarrassed to attend international conferences since we will all be waiting for them?

Tell Nigerians not to give up on justice, let usĀ  to move from grumbling to taking legal and international actions against the ugly behavior of the Federal and State government to improve the democratic system of country.



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