NEWSZENTS: Trust is the name of our News



We thank all our readers and followers in the last 12 months, we need to inform new readers that this is a conservative new agency, with limited government interference, strong military, Limited taxes, and complete loyalty to the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Here on NEWSZENTS, we carry only news the liberals like CNN and NSNBC will not carry because it could expose Democrats agenda to weaken and the destroy US Constitution.

We are a strong disciple of all the agendas of James Madison the father of US Constitution and his Virginia doctrine.

Pls do not expect sympathy for any of Democrats Party’s agenda on this platform or on,doing so, is a waste of time.

When in doubt of what to do, we talk to the Oracle and he is always right and we will not lie to win your support.

Achievement in 2019.

We told you 45th US President Donald John Trump will turn around US economy, he did, we told u he will overcome Mueller Russia Collusion, he did, we told you he will get the trade deals done, recognized Jerusalem as Capital of Israel, he did, we even told u he will be impeached and win the Senate trial.

2020 Predictions.

1.John Durham will send many of those involved in Russian collusion to jail, former CIA Boss John Brennam , forner FBI Director Comey will not sleep  lwith two closed eyes in 2020

2. President Trump will win second term with over 2800 counties and over 310 electoral college votes.

3. US debts of $23trillion will start going down

4. Unemployment will range3 to 3.3 % by 2020 election year.

5. Democrats Party will face internal scandals, a court may ask the Party submit its server to FBI.

6. Joe Biden will be too busy with investigation over Ukraine and China to have time campaign.

7. Democrats may even lose the House.

8. US economy will boom to a level beyond imagination as Made in USA products will be all over the stores.

9. Chinese companies will relocate to US.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


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