Gold Rush for Trump in Nevada 45% and South Carolina 38% States Polls


TrumpNEWSZENTS: President Obama and former President Bush should have stayed away from attacking   Donald Trump, the more they attack him, the more he gets the love of the Republican Party men and women and all the polls says Trump is being pump up by the attacks as Trump is doing fine and better and he is a fast learner with the so called ground game and it may make a mockery of the so-called popularity of former President George Bush who came to South  Carolina to crack jokes than to make a serious case for a sagging political career of his brother.

With 38% in South Carolina, 45% in Nevada  the Oracle says this is the year for Trump and no one can stop him in getting the GOP against Sanders or a sagging political career of Hillary Clinton in November 2016 Presidential elections, if GOP leadership is planning something negative Trump will come as an independent candidate, that will mess up everything and he may even win.


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