Nancy Pelosi: Elected new US Speaker without the full support of Demorats


Newszents: Congresswoman and US Democrats Minority leader Nancy Pelosi from the State of Califirnia was elected the new Speaker for 116 US Congress on Thursday.

Speaker Pelosi election was not without drama, as dozens of Democrats in the new Congress failed to support her, some booed while some abstained from voting for her even though she won by 220/192 against Republican candidate.

The new Speaker called for bi-partisan approach in the Congress and did not rule out impeachment of President Trump a decision that will not secure the 60 votes in the Senate and a waste of time and money of tax payers.

This election of Nancy Pelosi as Speaker will be her second time as Speaker since 2011 before the GOP took over the House. She is a mother and grand mother, her daughter in a Press interview described her mother as a political killer with no feeling even at sight of blood. She is 79 years old.


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