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NewsZents – Advertising Opportunities for Any Size Business, you can advertise graphically on any page of the site except the home page, our own exclusive product pages, site management and “About Us” pages. Our target audience is 1,000,000 per day and fast becoming a lucrative site for advertisers to reach local and global services. NewsZents is for business – We are strictly for businesses connections and we focus more on global market turn local and global online shoppers while we strive to double your revenue and global reach for your business with increase in traffic and revenue.

Full Service Advertising

1. Check our site pages to locate your desired advertising spot(s).
2. Find banner sizes, prices and details below.
3. Provide us with the details. Once approved, we will email you a payment link.
4. Forward us the banners, file extensions accepted ( gif, jpg, or png.), sizes, up to 30K per banner.

Contact Us:

Custom Advertising Solutions

1. NewsZents builds custom programs that not only meet campaign objectives, but build brand value and connect clients to their target audience. We work with you to find solutions for your advertising needs.
2. Advertisers, Publishers, Site Owners, and Businesses!
3. Buy an ad for as little as $15 per month. Even the largest ad is only $150 per month!
4. No set up fees. At these prices, all we ask is that you pre-pay for a 1-month ad run.
5. Reach potential clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The advertising opportunities below are currently available at introductory prices.


The largest banner here is great for special events, notices and grand openings, runs along the right hand column; its impressive size spans a large area making it visible to users who are scrolling up and down through service and information-packed pages. This square banner is the perfect size, and it is not expensive either!


the Procedure (We) display your banner(s) on our website (either static or on a rotating basis) and you displays ours

The options available include:

Conditions for Advertisement

How to Start:

  • Check our site pages to locate your desired advertising spot(s).
  • Provide us with the details of your request and the desired exchange.
  • Once the exchange is mutually agreed upon, we will send each other our banners.
  • We accept file extensions of ( gif, jpg, or png.), sizes, up to 30K per banner.
  • Your banners will go live within 24 hours and request the same of our banners on your end.

(Both parties to provide equal statistical reporting or as close as possible) Contact Us:


Flat Fee Textual Ads

If you don’t have a graphical ad, a text ad of an equivalent size and shape may be substituted for the same price. Simple text ads can be quite effective. If you’re not sure how to do it, we can help make one for you. Please send us your text, tell us what size ad you want, the desired font and background colors, and we will try to match your specifications as closely as possible.

Graphic Requirements

  • We accept ads with a file extension of gif, jpg, or png.
  • All images will be copied to our server for the life of the ad.
  • Ads are a maximum 30K in size unless you host the image.
  • A minimal amount of animation is acceptable as long as it does not exceed the size limit. Audio ads are not allowed.
  • Graphics need to be clearly visible at 40 x 40 pixel or 60 x 60 pixel resolution. Simple graphics show up best, and if you have a logo on your website, that would be a good choice.


  • Your ad will be linked to the web page of your choice in a new browser window, or to your email address (specially coded to hide it from spam bots).
  • Paid ads are strategically positioned on the TOP, BOTTOM, and RIGHT of web site pages.
  • You may select the pages on which you want your ad(s) to run.
  • Your ad will be in a fixed position, meaning that it will always appear in the same spot and will not be rotated among other ads.
  • Right-column paid ads will be placed on a first-come, first-served basis from the top down, so don’t delay if you want to get a prominent position toward the top of a particular page.

Advertising space per page is subject to availability, of course. Some popular pages may have no more ad space available on them. We will let you know by return e-mail if that is the case before we run your ad. If one page is full, there are hundreds of others to choose from. Advert placement in the left navigation column of our homepage is available on a first come, first serve basis. Only one banner size is offered for this location (160 x 600). Graphic only, none text ads. All ads will be reviewed and are subject to approval before placement on site.

Additional Advert Policy and Guidelines

  • Total cost of a 1-month ad run must be pre-paid in full and is non-refundable.
  • Ads can be updated and changed if needed at no additional charge. If you want to move your ad to a different page, you can do that too, if the location is available.
  • All URLs must be active at the time the ad is submitted. Your site content will be checked to be sure it is appropriate.
  • Ads must be family-friendly and should be of interest to our site’s visitors. We reserve the right to exclude any ad or advertiser that we feel is inappropriate.
  • Monthly fees are non-refundable. However, in the rare circumstance that an ad may need to be terminated by us for some reason that is not the fault of the advertiser, we will credit the buyer proportionately.
  • There is NO guarantee of any number of clicks your ad might get. This means that you will receive no refund if the ad campaign does not create enough sales for you. Please check your own logs to see how much traffic you get from NewsZents.
  • All Advertisers assume the responsibility of abiding by the terms and conditions of our Ad Policy.


NewsZents strives to maintain a high-quality, travel-oriented site which is reflected in the integrity of its sponsors and advertisers. If we feel that your product or service is inappropriate, we will not add your listing or ad to our page and will return your payment if one was made.

  • No adult entertainment, gambling, illegal or offensive ads will be allowed. No ads that are totally irrelevant to our site’s content will be approved.
  • Ads cannot resemble any Windows dialog boxes, error messages, or otherwise mislead the user.
  • Ads cannot contain graphics that simulate interactivity (e.g. drop down menus, search boxes, etc.) without the functionality actually existing.
  • Please note that we reserve the right to refuse any advertisement for any reason.
  • Our pricing and advertisement rules may change at any time.

Conditions for Advertisement

1. Please ensure to deliver all advertisement by electronic versions, either on flash drive or via e-mail in the ordered pixel dimension (file size) unless otherwise stated. 2. It will cost you or your organization additional payment for conversion if your advert is delivered on paper, a. 3. Please ensure that all banner adverts is in .gif, .jpeg or flash format. 4. Availability for advert is based on first to come and long term relationship with our company. 5. An advert run starts the day the advert is published in website and runs for the period paid for no advert is done on credit please. 6. Payment must accompany all advertisement. All payment in check or bank transfer, we do not accept cash, all check payable to

Allzents Groups Inc, JP Morgan Chase Bank NY




Production Coordinator/Graphic Designer:

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