Media invasion of Trump privacy is not new


FDR faced the same scurutiny from the Press, and spies particularly Democrats loyal to the Communists of the era when FDR tried to have peace with USSR.

FDR felt if he gave Stalin the Soviet Leader all he asked for he could advance Democracy in the old Soviet Union the Press even called him a President working for the Communists like they did with Trump.

The same Russia, former President Obama pressed a reset button to work with even sold 20 percent of US Uranium without the Press blinking eyes.

Anything done by a Democrat President with Russia is seen as gospel truth by the Press.

CNN treats Trump’s presidency as a natural disaster, more like a mouthpiece of the Democrats, in the eighties Reagan was treated worse without Fox News to defend conservative values.

In fact all Democrat past Presidents from Kennedy, Johnson, Carter, Clinton and Obama enjoyed protection from the Press since all 95 percent of the US Press are controlled by six major companies owned by the Democrats.

In 1996, Fox News was established to correct or poke the controlof the liberals. In the sixties Kennedy was exchanging communication and secretly meeting the Communists.


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