Liberal News MSNBC and CNN will not cover July 4th Parade because of Trump


The Democrats controlled Liberal Press spearheaded  by MSNBC and CNN will not cover the most important holiday in America, July 4th which is usually in appreciation of the Military and their families.

As result of their hatred for President Trump which they now believed to have introduced the military parade into the usual boring celebration in the history, as planned now by this administration  it will be a showcase of US Military might as improved by  Trump presidency.

Fox News the number one Television station in America will be there, both OANN , NewsZents and other conservative network stations will be there  to highlight the strongest military force in the world  which received over $700 billion in budget improvement in the last two years from this administration unlike the past administration of President Obama which reduced military spending for social programs.

CNN is currently number 25 among US televisions with less than 650,000 viewers unlike Fox news with over 5 million viewers  and it is likely to be missed  among Americans, this will be the second time the Liberal controlled Press denied Americans right to see, last month DNC banned Fox News from their Presidential debates because Fox may ask questions likely to make Democrats uncomfortable


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