Law to make Cory Booker to run for two offices at the same time in NJ signed


NEWSZENTS: To favor Senator Cory Anthony Booker  to run for President and Senate at the same time against President Trump, in 2020, the Democrat Governor of New Jetsey recently signed a new law that will make it possible for the Senator to run for President in 2020 as well as keeping his Senate seat.

If Senator Booker  wins the two office of President and Senate at the same time, the Governor of New Jersey  by law of the State will appoint his replacement in the Senate and that will protect the numbers of Democrats seats in the the Senate.

Former Gov. Chris Christie (R)

In 2015, the Democrats mischivously signed a law that would have forced the former Governor Chris Christie a Republican to resign and run for one office only at a time he was the favorites of the GOP for President, this new law will set aside the problem the Democrats had for the former Governor to make it easy for Cory.

Senator Cory Booker, is currently visiting Ohio, and IOWA caucuses in his dream of winning Democrats Presidential nomination. He is 49 years old.

Senator Cory Anthony Booker just like former President Bill Clinton  attended Oxford University in UK with Rhode’s Scholarship. He was the Mayor of Newark NJ before he ran and won the Senate seat four years ago.




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