Kingibe: Dumped Abiola’s mandate like Brutus did to Ceasar


Ambassador Kingibe who was MKO Abiola running mate in the annulled June 12th, 1993 presidential election talked like Brutus of the Ceasar era on why he dumped MKO Abiola’s June 12 mandate to serve in the government of General  Abacha when his state Bornu celebrated June 12 for him their son Kingibe like Abacha without Abiola.

What was supposed to be a private recognition for Kingibe in Maiduguri eventually led to the confession from Kingibe himself who was widely seen as a traitor to the movement many died at a time he enjoyed his Ministerial appointment with late  General Sanni Abacha with the same facial marks and Kunuri background with him.

“I did it for national interest” to serve as Minister for Foreign Affairs for two years with his mentor MKO Abiola was in jail, it was the same way Marcus Brutus in the history of Rome said when he joined the conspirators in the killing of Julius Ceasar for love of Rome. “Not that I did not love Ceaser, but I love Rome more”

Whatever the respect Kingibe crave for,  his legacy will be affected with the role he played at a time he was needed to stand tall for the fight against those who annulled the June 12th election in 1993.


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