Karry-Ann Scorpian: Super Island Girl


KarryAnn1NEWSZENTS It took us almost three months to arrange this interview with Karry-Ann Scorpian, due to her busy schedule and lots of activities for the year. And when the interview finally happened  last Sunday, we all agreed the waiting and the time for it was  perfect  with details of the interview as revealed.

Karry-Ann is very charming, with one of the best smiles a sister could have in the State of New York, she is humble and she talks with a deep sense of humility that will  make you appreciate her music more, her songs represents her inner feelings like she said during the interview, music is a personal expression of the inner feelings of the artist, for an immigrant  of Jamaica descent  who has to pay her dues like every other immigrants in the United States of America she is giving her best to her ever increasing fans world-wide.

Karry-Ann a renounced voice in Jamaica before she relocated  to the United States of America several years ago, she went through the rope to put her feet on the ground in the big apple City New York, to sing and produce songs that are now on most  radio stations in the states of Florida, Texas, New York, and countries like  Canada, South Africa and Great Britain, and plans are going on to get this beautiful voice on the radio stations in Ghana and Nigeria and as African American she is looking forward to visiting the motherland, Africa in future.

Like a mushroom, Karry-Ann’s fame is spreading like the tentacles of an octopus to  the world of entertainment and very soon, this voice will be on your radio in your cars, some of her hit songs are Goodie Goodie, Island Girl and many more and should be out on I-Tunes later this month.


Now enjoy the interview.

 NewsZents: What is growing up in Jamaica like for you?

Karry-Ann:It was beautiful with the hot shining sun and tasty food, fruits and family.

NewsZents: Do you have siblings?

Karry-Ann: Yes I have a older sister and a younger brother

NewsZents: Do you have the support of your family to be a Musician?

Karry-Ann: I am Blessed to have the the support of my family.

NewsZents: What is the potential Income for the this career as Musician

Karry-Ann: Potentially, a sum of $100 million

NewsZents: What is the typical day like for a Musician?

Karry-Ann: caring for 2 children, working as a COTA(Certified Occupational Therapist Assistant ) and

write and record songs.

KarrywithZentsNewsZents: What type of food do you like most?

Karry-Ann: Fruits, I like trying new fruits

NewsZents: What kind of skill and personal attribute are most important to being a successful musician.

Karry-Ann: Perseverance, never quit attitude,

NewsZents: What are the most achievement for you in  this career

Karry-Ann: I have performed in Texas, Florida, New York and countries like Jamaica, and Canada

NewsZents: What personal advice would you give to any upcoming musician?

Karry-Ann: Treat the profession like it’s your baby with love and care.

NewsZents: Any additional Training?

Karry-Ann: I’ve taken voice classes, sang in church and school choir and intend to take ;lessons.

NewsZents: The only educational training is to have gift or talent for the career,

Karry-Ann: Persistence and desire to do better.

NewsZents: What are the mistakes in this career?

Karry-Ann: not having a good team, selfishness, comparing oneself to others, and methods of coping

with the tough times.


NewsZents: If you have to do it all over again will you still stick to this career or just do something else?

Karry-Ann: I love what I am doing wouldn’t have it any other way.

NewsZents: What is the level of connection or network to this career?

Karry-Ann: I have worked with top producers such as Franklyn Grant in New York, Davion Both in Texas,

Kooly Chat, YGF Records out of Ochi Rios, Kaushon, Nuchie from Jamaica, Demo Page from Florida.

Have had my music aired by Dj Local Realbuzz Radio in UK, Dj Wayne Irie FM in Jamaica, Dj Bousy Killa,

Dj Denziel Hype, Dj in Shades Night Club Ochi Rios Jamaica, SupaNeil in Houston Texas, Data Maxx in

Florida, Dj Hard Hitting Harry in Brooklyn, DJ Andrew RanksRadio Canada and So many more. I have had

the pleasure of meeting various radio personalities, most recently Mr. Lenny Green of the Quiet Storm

WBLS in New York City who is a super cool, smooth and down to earth person.

NewsZents: If you are out of work what keeps you busy?

Karry-Ann: When I am not working I am m taking care of my children, write songs and keep meeting with

people marketing and Branding.


NewsZents: How did you get transition into this profession?

Karry-Ann: I’ve always been involved in music however, 2009 I started writing songs and made it more

personal and serious for me.

NewsZents: How do you get people to take your Music Serious?

Karry-Ann: Getting more and more airplay interviews, media coverage and branding.

NewsZents: How do you respond to back up plans?

Karry-Ann: I have to be flexible in order to deal with the changes in life.

NewsZents: How important is your image to you

Karry-Ann: My image is very important to me.

NewsZents: What is your advice on touring and performing?

Karry-Ann: proper organization having team work setting everything in place for success.

NewsZents: What are the process to book shows and promotion?

Karry-Ann: Contact info 281-745-4010

NewsZents: How do you avoid scammers?

Karry-Ann: I do my research, create contract and get a lawyer

NewsZents: Is this industry growing or shrinking

Karry-Ann: It’s changing but change is a constant in life so adjustments must be made in order to be



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