Kanu wants to come and bury his mother, Don’t do it.


Orlu royal fathers are appealing to President Buhari or Federal Government to allow run away Kanu, the leader of IPOB who jumped bail to come home, bury his mother and later do what?

Orlu leaders with their good intentions should not have written to President Buhari of Federal Government without understanding past history.

When Gen. Tunde Idi Agbon, who was Buhari’s number two was asked in 1984 to allow Busari Adelakun the strong man of Ibadan politics in jail to attend to his voodoo stuff that could prolong his life, Gen Idi Agbon reminded him and his people, Busari was in prison not hotel.

Also when a deposed Head of State Gen Buhari by Gen Babangida who kept St. Buhari detention lost his father, and a similar request was made to IBB, like it was done to late Gen Tunde Idi Agbon, he was denied. up till today St. Buhari said one of his regrets in life was the denied opportunity to pay his last respect to his father.

Could be the royal elders of Orlu just played politics with the open request or they never considered what will happen to Kanu after? Kanu will be arrest with the key thrown away because he jumped bail and may be treated like Sowore.


Thank God for advanced technology today Kalu can see and follow the funneral of mother minute by minute as if he is there with the modern technology, his safety is the most important thing than the one day stuff, the spirit of his mother will understand.



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