Kamala Harris: Challenges and opportunities of DNC 2020 ticket


Democrat 2020 hopeful, Senator Kamala Harris, 54, a former Attorney General for the State of California, who was accused of sleeping her way to the top with Mayor Willie Brown of San Francisco,  a former Speaker for the State of California in the past, she  said as President of America, if elected, she will not exchange any love notes with Kim Jung of South Korea.


Kamala with  Sugar Daddy Mayor Brown

Oracle says jokingly, maybe Kim Jung is not her taste, probably too short for her, or too fat for her likings, why would she not consider sending love notes to the dictator of North Korea, maybe a love note  can charm the North Korea leader to disarm from any Nuclear weapons, like Delilah did to Samson in the Bible or Moremi in Africa to Ugbo people.

Mayor Brown said he also helped women including  Nancy Pelos, Feinstein and Gov. Gau etc

As an up coming Lawyer, Kamala Harris needed a Sugar Daddy to sleep her way to the top in a very competitive State of California, she had a married powerful and politically connected man Mayor Willie Brown then Mayor of San Francisco as her Sugar Daddy, she was his side kicks for years, a scandal  Mayor  Brown openly confessed to the Press.

Mayor Willie Brown whose marriage  Blanche Brown was almost destroyed because of his relationship with women told the Press between 1980 and 1995, he dated Kamala and he used his influence like he did for most his girl friends to appoint her to California Insurance Appeal Board, and Late Medical Assistance Commission, both jobs in a period of five years earned her over 400k

If Senator Kamala Harris wins the United States Presidency in 2020, she will beat President James Madison record as the shortest President in history with her 5′.2″ as against 5’4″ height of the father of Bill of rights.

Kamala in 2014, got married to Douglas Emphoff but for political reasons, she never adopted her marital name in the public, she was born in Oakland in California in 1964 to Professor Shyamala a Cancer Researcher who unfortunately died of the very disease she worked on for years in the very month her daughter declared for President.

“My late mother is the very reason I am running for President”,Kamala declared, and almost in tears she explained what her cancer infected mother went through, the pain, the fear. and lack of medical support for a professor who spent her life as a researcher on a disease that eventually killed her.

Kamara, is not only charming, she looked tougher on the stage particularly when she drilled sleepy creepy Joe Biden in the last two Democrats debates, Kamala with another baby sister also a lawyer like her, as Policy analyst for MSNBC is strictly from the family with liberal background.

As President of America, Senator Kamala Harris promised to honor all past US treaties with all nations including Iran, China and others , she is a supporter of open border, anti- Israel, single payer system for healthcare, freedom to smoke cannabis, sanctuary cities, Dream Act, and other liberal policies.

Can Senator Kamala Harris win the Democrats nomination ticket to face President Trump or can she take the Black votes away from Sleepy Joe Biden?

As it is in polls,  she is ranging between 3-4 positions as polls leaders, how she can win against Crazy Bernie Sanders the socialist, Sleepy Joe Biden with his scandals and Indian DNA impostor Elizabeth Warren will be the task for the lady who could be the best for Democrats but may be hunted with past scandals.

Kamala Harris  graduated from UC Hesly College of the Law in 1989, Howard University in 1986, with a solid career in her resume and age on her side, at 54, better than Elizabeth  Warren who would be 71 if she wins, Bernie Sanders woulf be79, and Joe Biden 78 by 2021 probably too old than what a sharper Kamala Harris can offer, practically, the nomination would be better with her, Elizabeth and South Bend  Mayor Buttigieg.


Zents Sowunmi is a New York based author and political analyst.and Editor-in-Chief of www.newszents.com



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