US Supreme Court Politics Part 2


The US Supreme Court will get a new member today October 6th 2018, not without tears from the left or the media sponsored librals, it is even more than the hatred for President Trump who defeated Hillary Clinton in 2016 presidential elections, it is the death of the swing votes from the nation highest bench according to an Obama appointee  to the Supreme Justice Keagan.

Without emotion or sentinents from the left it must be clear to understand the fundamentals of United States of America as a nation of law and order, a nation governed by 1789 Constitution signed in Philadelphia and it is also a society where a person is pressumed innocent until proven guilty, meaning, hear say or you say I say,   will never be enough to convict anyone.

Any accusser in addition to his or her statement, must have a witness, not necessarily a person, it could even be  a record, a diary, or security camera to serve as a witness, in the case between, Brett Kavanaugh and Dr Ford who accused the Judge of sexual assualt  when they were juveniles unfornately for Ms Ford, Brett  had his diary, calender, friends men and women to support his alibi, while Dr.Ford the accusser had no one to corroborate her story.

As emotional as she tried to change her voice as if the event of 36 yrs happened like a week before the Congressional statement it will be nothing but a movie from a second or B rated movie star.

It is worthy to note that the US Constitution did not categorically state the qualification of a US Supreme Court Justice other than, citizenship, although later in the years, some requirements were added, like 10 years on the bench it had no constitutional back or amendment at the same time, the number of the members in the Court was not stated in the constitution and it has moved from five to seven, nine, twelve, depending on the Congress in the past.

In 1866 the Congress passed the Judiciary Circuit Act to limit SCOTUS to seven, in 1869 to nine, after President Andrew Johnson was prevented from making it 15, and in 1937, President Roosevelt tried to increase it to 15.

US 27th President  William Harward Talf who lost re-election was at one time nominated and served as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court between 1909-1913, and till today it will on record as the first serve as president as well as Chief Justice at the same time  Justice Joseph Story was 32yrs to become the youngest Supreme Court nominee, while Justice William Douglas served for 35yrs and 7months in the recent years Justice Paul  Stevens would become  the third man to serve longer than anyone in history of the Supreme Court between 1975-2010.

It is worthy to note that US Supreme Court first sat in New York in 1790 then capital of America 1791-1800 in Philadephia, 1801 todate in Washington DC. Readers must note that Justice James Byrnes who served between 1941-1942 did not attend law school, not even a High School, he only served as a law clerk and passed the Bar interestingly  out of US universities, out of the Univetsities in Ametica Harvard had produced  more Justices than  the rest others and it is this very institution the Yale graduate  and Harvard Law Professor Brett Kavanaugh at 53 years  with 12 years on the bench Brett will join as SCOTUS today.

Justice Brett Kavanaugh had served as a Clerk for two of the Supreme Justices before  he worked with Judge Ken Starr during the impeachment of President Bill Clinton and later President Bush took him to the White House as a Counsel  it was from there after 4yrs  President George Bush nominated him for US Circuit Court as a Judge, that was 12 years before President Trump after consulting with his Party and retiring Justice Kennedy a swing voter in the Supreme whom Judge Brett Kavanaugh had clerk for in the past.

Judge Brett Kavanaugh in addition  had written over 300 legal papers to his credit, and he is also a lecturer in two of US IV league Universities, Harvard and Yale his alma mata teaching law.

Today, the elevation of Brett Kavanaugh to Justice Brett Kavanaugh will be seen as victory for the rule of law in a country a citizen is assumed innocent until proven guilty, the case against  Brett was not only weak, it did not pass the principle of fairness, since the memory of the accuser did not pass the ranchers amigo law of rational thinking.

Unfortunately, for the Democrats they miscalculated the process, instead of a friend or swing voter on the bench they ended making Brett more like Justice Clarence who went through ugly stuff in the nineties and for the next 25 years, as some of the liberal programs roled into the fabrics of the society in the past may be stopped or removed.


Zents Sowunmi is a New York based writer.



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