John Durham: The man who will send many Democrat crooks to jail


John Durham.

The man who will send many crooked Democrats to jail. Grrr. Many of them from the fired FBI Director James Comey, Clapton National Security, and Brennan former CIA Director and others in Obama’s administration who cooked up Russia collusion narrative against United States Constitution are now sleeping with only one eye closed.

Newszents political analyst  heard John Durham is ruthless not only that, he will look at how classified document got exposed to CNN, Washington Post and New York Times, those behind it will be criminally charged.

When President Obama had problems with CIA destruction of interrogation tape his then Attorney General Eric Holder called on John Durham from Connecticut,  few miles away from Bronx New York, again, when President Obama had problem again with Torture case with CIA who did he call?

It was John Durham Eric Holder then Obama’s Attorney General called on, a very articulate and detailed Attorney who earned the trust of both parties.

John Durham’s 35 years experience is not only compelling, he earned the complete trust of all Americans from the details of his profile the nation requires his services each time they had problems with FBI CIA and National Security, his expertise are all in the areas of weaknesses of CIA and FBI and it is not a surprise William Barr who is now the Attorney General from Trump’s administration to look into the area of weaknesses of CIA under Brennan, FBI under James Comey, and National Security under Clapton all of the directly or indirectly through President Obama cooked up  Russian stories to undermine the 2016 election now classified as a coup against the Constitution of the United States of America called on him.

John Durham whose scope of authority had been widen to subpoena, files criminal charges on all those who used Russia, Fisa Court warrant, and Hillary Clinton/Democrats paid dossier through British Spy Christopher Steel and invitation of a Russian Attorney who came into the country without visa at the pleasure of Obama’s Department of Justice and was  planted into Trump Tower all these will be investigated by the ruthless  John Durham.

Ruthless because investigating FBI, CIA, National Security Advisers is not a job for a nice man, a mere look at Durham mustache and look will indicate the right man  for the right job




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