Joe Biden. An opposition research firm hired by Hillary Clinton’s campaign


HillaAn opposition research firm hired by Hillary Clinton’s campaign has been sifting through the record of Vice President Joe Biden to find attack lines in case he decides to take on the Democratic front-runner.

The firm, Correct the Record, has been working for at least a month, New York magazine’s Gabriel Sherman reports. The pro-Clinton super PAC was founded by longtime ally David Brock and is working with the former secretary of state’s campaign.

Biden has not yet announced a decision on whether to run — and Clinton has not directly attacked the vice president, but the campaign is not taking any chances, according to Sherman.

“Even implicitly his campaign’s argument would be ‘I have integrity and you don’t,'” a Clinton supporter told the magazine. “If that’s the message, this could be messier than Obama-Clinton ’08.

“At least Obama had the Iraq War vote and could make a case about generational change,” the person added. “This guy” — Biden — “is older than she is and just as conventional.”

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