Jeffery Epstein: Key witness/Criminal in masive sex abuse case dies in US Fed Prison


Jeffery Epstein, known pedophiles, the multi-billionaire, a closed friend of President Clinton and one of the donors to Hillary Clinton 2016 who was found to have an Island with child and sex abuse for underage involving top US politicians and others around the world died on Saturday  in the Federal Prison in New York after he promised to spill out all those who ran the shrine with him.

Over 2000 graphic documents were presented by his accussers which broke his defense to agree to a full disclosure which could have involved several hundreds of top US politicians including 42nd President.

US Attorney General William Barr ordered  FBI  and Inspector Genetal to investigate why Jeffery died in a Federal Prison in a Democrat controlled state of New York .

President Trump in a tweeter message accussed former President Clinton who had visited the Island without his security guys with Jeffery Epstein  several times most likely to know something, the death of Jeffery may not be ruled out of planned work of the political class if his confession ever got to the in court would have created

President Trump had detailed how he cut off relationship with Jeffery Epstein from his Maralogo in Florida 15 years after Jeffery molested one of his staff. All those who tried to rope the Clintons in to ugly cases like Jeffery Epstein died or committed sucide, right from whitewater case, who like Jeffery Epstein committed sucide in a Federal prison in 1992.

Jefferry Epstein was placed on sucide watch after he attempted to kill himself about two weeks ago, why the sucide watch was removed and who ordered the removal including their politixal affiliate and it could be linked to all those implicated by Jeffery.

President Trump asked the law to focus more on Hillary Clinton  to know why Jeffery died. US AG was expected recuse himself from anything Epstein.


The Law firm he worked for represented Jeffery in a similar case in Florida in 2008, he worked with the former Labor Secretary who resigned from Trump administration and his father hired Jeffery Epstein when he was twenty years old.


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