Investigate Kabba Federal Road and Helicopter mishap


NEWSZENTS: If the Vice President had traveled by road to Kabba in Kogi State instead of the Helicopter, he would have taken this  ugly Federal road.

The question is when will this Kabba Federal road be fixed? And what is the state of the past fund for this  Kabba road in the Federal budget in the last 20 years?

And we have many of them like this all over the Country,  on paper, and in all the Federal annual Budget, they are either under construction or done, but in reality the fund for most of these roads never made it to the site and we have no procedure to verify the contractor for most of these abandoned projects.

How can executed contract be related to the budget is the areas to look into for the same reasons why the funds were diverted could be why the Helicopter too was not maintained or serviced before the crash.

The Oracle will advise the Federal Government to investigate both the budget  allocations for Kabba road and the service neglect of the Helicopter to prevent mishap in future.

We need a system where we can just type a Federal Road and all the contracts cost and contractor including year of contract can be verified online.




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