I lost my fight against Cancer says Charles krauthammer


Newszents: One of the best political analysts in America and on Fox News, often called the best conservative voice in America and a Pulitzer price award winner Charles Krauthammar who gave up his medical career to become political news analyst and Columnist revealed today, how he is losing his life struggle to cancer.

Dr. Charles Krauthammer became quardruplogic from neck down after a car accident in his first year in Havard University medical school, he was 22 years then, he returned to the univetsity 14 months later to finish medical school.

A sydicated columnist for more than 400 news media, his books were #1 on best seller list with an average of 38 straight weeks, he wrote for all the leading news media in America.

Charles though a Jew but never described himself as religious, at home, with his family, he speaks French.

The 1975 medical graduate explained the cancer is now spreading beyond the control,and his Doctors told him he has few more weeks to live.

If Charles is killed by Cancer, he will join the line of staff of Fox News staff known to have been killed by Cancer, Mr.Snow a popular Fox News staff who took up job with President Bush administration as his Press Secretary also died of cancer.

Charles is married to Robyn a lawyer who like her husband gave up her career to become an artist and painter, the couple is blessed with a son.

Dr.Charles Krauthammer is 68 years old whose father originally came from Ukraine, and Austrian mother, he invented the slogan Reaganomics. President Clinton called him the Conservative beautiful writer among others names from notable Americans.

Zents Sowunmi is a New York based writer.


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