I lost a valuable family member (Anti Musili)


Until I was told of her death today did I realised that I never knew her marital name, I just knew her as the baby sister of my mother, the last of the 5 children of Loosade Onifade, my grandmother.

I have known her as a kid from the time I could talk, she was very fond of all her sister’s children, from the time, she was 12 years, she lived with my mother, when my old man was transferred from Ibadan to Agege in 1961, she came fully from the village at Alagbon very close to Wasimi to live with us, in a place called Tabon Tabon area of Agege, when I started primary school at Shashegbon Memorial Primary School she walked me there when my mother was not around, that was how far I knew Anti Musili.

She was there with my mother as a trader selling rice, garri and beans in bags in Agege Market in the sixties, she helped to manage the store, and when in 1967 Lagos State was created a larger part of the Western Region formed part of Lagos State including Agege, Ikeja up to Ebute Meta, we were transferred to Ibadan but my mother left her store with her sister.

Anti Musili began her own life and visited us in all the places we lived until my mother died in 2015, she looked like her sister, my mother in everything, in height and in words, as she too aged.

I visited Anti Musili in all the places she lived particularly at Osodi where she sold cooked rice, beans and plantains, my aunt knew how to cook and our visitations intoxicated her, as she pleased us with the best we wanted in all her cookings.

Just last November in 2019, she came to Abeokuta to rejoice with me, her nephew who became a High Chief of Egbaland, each time during the events I stole a look at her, It was like my late mother was around, I watched her as she danced and her joy was completed, in her, I found humor and smiles of my mother, Bolanle Sowunmi the beere of Onifade family with her three strips tribal Mark’s of Egba on her face.

Just this morning, Anti Musili died at the age very close to 73 by our calculations and as a Muslim, by 5.30pm today she was buried.

The woman who fondly called me Idowu dowu, or Baba Bidemi went on a journey of no return to join her sister, my mother, her other siblings Mama Yisa, and her two brothers, Brother Abudu and Brother Asaani to complete the demise of the five children of Chief Imam Suara Onifade of Abule Alagbon and children of Loosade Onifade of Abule Kenta and Osupoori in Ewekoto local government.

On behalf of all of us remaining still with the DNA of Onifade family in us and the legacy of Suara and Loosade, anti Musili, Iya Dimeji, Biodun and others, may your soul rest in peace.

Anti mi Musili, I love you, I know a part of me, and that of my mother is gone, and please give our regards to your sister, my mother in heaven that it is well with us and we are keeping the faith until the day we complete our own journey too.

Anti mi Musili Sun re o!

Chief Zents Sowunmi
Bada Tayese Egba.


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