How Hwy 40 girl, Lauren Sanchez costs Jeff Bezos billions


NEWSZENTS: When Patric Whitesell the super agent of the Hollywood to A-Listers stars like Matt Damon, Chistian Bade, Hugh Jackson and others introduced his beautiful wife Lauren Sanchez to his friend Jeff Bezos, the world richest man, he had no idea that Jeff who is shorter in height, bald headed, and not even as good looking as him will be interested in his charming wife from Albuqurque in the State of New Mexico. He did not even know Jeff was born in New Mexico in the same City like his wife.

Lauren Sachez with a tempting look and lots of energies for the future had left New Mexico for University of California to study Communition, she was a restless little girl of Mexican decent, her first relationship left her with a son before she met Patric Whitesell, who not only fell in love with the charming Lauren, he adopted her son too, their marriage added two other kids.

When you are married to a powerful agent with Hollywood background you are priviledged to see more, including the private lives of the Screen Stars, Lauren too was and still a star in her own way, a TV anchor of the first episode of “So you think you can dance” a regular on Larry King Life shows, and helicopter business, name it, if it is entertainment business Lauren has been there.

Despite all these, Jeff Bezos who in the last three years with his Amazon retail services pushed Bill Gates to the second position as the world richest man, needed another excitment, he could not take his eyes away from the full lips of his friend’s wife, her smiles gave him hard on, secretly, he knew if he were to be alone with her, he would betray his friend and he did.

Lauren knew how to move her hips, when alone with Jeff, she swings them left and right in a calculated mischivous ways and with a complete focus on the two eyes of Jeff, who melts on seeing her.

When you have money, you have power and you can control even love, it was what happened to King David in the Bible when he saw the breast of Beer Sheba by the widow in the old Jerusalem, that would be thousands of years ago, men are still the same, they think and reason alike, nothing can change the X and Y chromosoms of men to be seduced by daughters of Eve.

King David forgot all the values attached to his Kingdom, he took the wife of Uria one of his soldiers, in the case of Jeff Bezos,he betrayed his friend, after he kissed Lauren on her full lips, he took another step, he ate the forbidden fruits between the legs of his friend’ wife legs, and he loved it more.

In one of Jeff Bezos Tweets to Lauren, he almost adopted the lyrics of Bob Marley “I want to hold you tight” Don’t let me be a loner, I want to smell you, breathe you, kiss you, and love you more”, in it, he poured out his love for Lauren and he just like Brutus in Julius Ceaser pushed the knife to kill the love, he had for Patric Whitesell his friend.

For women, those love words are not just words, women take love words serious than men could imagine and Lauren being a woman, fell for Jeff’s sweet talk, her lips became loose, she could could not keep it to herself, and she too like a virus wanted more from Jeff.

With Lauren’s virus now in Jeff Bezos blood, his marriage became a problem, he started telling lies and making excuses to skip dinners at home, he blamed it on business and Alexi his home talk equipment for retailers.

As the relationship with Lauren continues in secret, Jeff was finding it difficult to play his conjugal role with his wife, he slept on a separate bed, as he kept thinking of Lauren with her smell, her lips and her jezibel eyes.

Jeff Bezos (54) could no longer look the mother of his three sons plus addition daughter adopted from China in the eyes as he sunk deeply in his affiars, He had to do something, to free his soul and heart and to tell the world he can openly love again.

What Jeff did not think was how MacKenzie his wife of 25 years stood by him, he had married her when he had nothing, no pre-nubs, just a marriage based on true love for better for worse was then the name of the game and still is and according to the United States Law it will be 50/50 with all his assets and luabities, no matter what amount is involved.

Mackenzie (48) a novelist almost in the same age beacket with with Lauren (47) will have to figure out why Jeff would be leaving,and whatever, it is would not be about age, but something more than she could offer which Jeff found in the mother of three like herself.

When King David was going after BeerSheba he did not think of the Ten Commandment within a few meters from him neither did he consider the watchful eyes of the prophets or Jehovah, all David, the son of Jese saw was the beauty of a woman which eventually destroyed his goodwill with God of Israel.

Jeff Bezos too like King David did not think of Amazon or the talking Alexi, or the $137b involved, he was after the lips of Lauren and her pelvic tilt movement on the bed in the dance of human creation, he wanted Lauren not as a secret fling, now he wanted everything to himself,all Lauren could offer his body and soul, he could not even stand his friend Patric alone with Lauren in their matrimonial home. He must take her away from Patric.

However, Lauren gave Jeff conditions and contionalties for them to go public in their relationship and knowing what was involved she never thought Jeff could ever passed the test.

“Divorce your wife if you really love me then I will leave Patric” Lauren told Jeff. “Very simple” Jeff said without thinking.

When he told his wife he wanted to move on, surprisingly she agreed, both of them in a joint statement anounced to a bewilded world their divorce, and the busy body Press tired of Russsian fake collusion on President Trump jumped at the news.

Why would Jeff do such a cazy stuff without pre-nub? Will Mckenzie be the latest richest woman in the world with her $67b? Will that push Jeff from number one richest man to number seven behind Bill Gate, Warren Buffet and Facebook guy?

The Press loved the news, they dugged for the reasons behind the divorce and not too long, Lauren the happily married wife of Patric at least on paper hit the news, the home breaker, the secrets sweet tweets between Jeff and Lauren made headlines, and in shame, Lauren is yet to keep her side of the bargin to leave Patric if Jeff could do it first.

Lauren is still living with Patric, the couple never mentioned divorce and it could be a set up for Patric to sue Jeff for money or when is Lauren going to keep her side of the deal or Jeff Bezos the world richest man has now been fooled by Albuqurque jezibel?

Time will tell.

Zents Sowunmi is the author of “Unequally yoking” available on, and your local book stores


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