How anti Putin/ Russia became US Democrat Problem


When Valdmir Putin emerged as the head of Kremlin after then President of Russia Boris Yeltsin went into coma, in 2000, the same year  George Bush the 43rd  US President in his first term extended hands of friendship to  President Valdmir Putin, the new strong man of Russia and one of the leaders trained for the future of a reborn Russia country after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

“I can see through his eyes, he is a good man”

President Bush said immediately President Valdmir Putin raised his hands to start eight years of his two terms as a Russia President after Boris Yeltsin who took over as the first President of Russia left office.

The two Presidents   (US and Russia) in their first time were ready to cooperate in helping a struggling Russia economy from a collapsed USSR under Goberchev, the last President of a defunt USSR  who was out of the picture.

To assist Russia, President Bush made lots of proposals to President Putin that were discussed when Putin officially paid a visit to US in November, 2001 to solidify the new relationship which the failure of Gorbachev  after several attempt to win Russia presidency could not attain.

Former General Secretary/ President Gorberchev of Soviet Union had taken up a job in one of the US universities as a Professor of International Politics which kept him away from his home country Russia, his foreign Minister in the old Soviet Union had become the President of Georgia.

Ukraine one of the states of a defunt USSR had gone with Crimea which President Nikita Krushchev  of USSR in 1954 had placed under his home State of Ukraine within then Soviet Union for administrative control   but was not ratified by USSR however, as a dictator he had his way. Crimea was a Russia peninsula since 1855.

Putin leadership in Russia needed USA for support because the economy was bad, despite his bitterness with how Gorbachev got the old Soviet Union destroyed with President Reagan pressing the button, he was ready to learn and if possible in future with a strong economy and military reclaim the glory of old Soviet Union that was the hidden agenda of Putin

Putin’s visit to US did not end in Washington DC alone, he visited important places, at the invitation of President Bush, he spent two or three nights with Bush in Crawford Texas, few miles away from Waco, a city this Oracle lived  at time of Putin’s visitation.

Waco is a beautiful small and fast growing American town with the  Baylor University, Scot and wide Hospital, Baptist Medical Medical Center and McMelean Community college, around Waco Texas, with a beautiful dam  and many ranches and small towns like Hewit, Clifton and Crawford with Bush Ranches, all of these cities are about 135 miles away from Dallas Texas.

Putin became a student of Bush, he asked questions and was reassurred of US interest in a peaceful and growing Russia with less interest in Nuclear war or race, many treaties were signed, and both started a new journey on world peace just like 40th US President Ronald Reagan planned with Gorbachev.

Bush 43rd US President exchanged visitation too to Moscow and the world was fine, just as if the Cold war had ended, Obama in January 2009 became US 44th President, Putin had completed his two terms under a constitution different from that of America.

Russia constitution allows a two term president to return to the office after four years of being away in those  four years Obama had no Putin on the picture  to contend with, also Obama did not believe in Putin or his treaties with Bush.

Obama with Hillary Clinton his Secretary of State worked with Putin’ opposition in 2012 election but Putin won narrowly, he cried on the day he got elected, he felt cheated and betrayed by his trust in America.

The cold war which ended was reopenned with Obama careless policies, US foreign policies were challenged under Obama and US lost lots of ground, in Syria, Libya, even Egypt.

When Hillary Clinton became a candidate, Putin paid her back for what she did to him. Unfortunately Trump became a victim of Obama’ foreign policy failure.

The rest is history



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