How a President Trump will fight Islamists terror in America



That is one of the ways  a President Trump  from 2017 will fight Islamist Jihad terrorists in the United  States of America.

“If you commit an act of  ISLAMIST Jihad terror against the United States of America FBI and local police to shoot at sight.

  1. The terrorist will be killed and all  his or her  families will be deported back to their country of Origin in the Middle East.
  2. All of them will have their citizenship revoked including their children because the DNA of terror  would be with kids Trump said “they need to be with their families.”
  3. Birth citizenship in the 14th amendment would be legally reviewed to cover those born in America by those here legally.
  4. Every member of a terrorist’s Mosque will be investigated, FBI will monitor whatever it is taught  in the Mosque, if it is against Western Civilization, the Mosque will be shot down the license of the building will be revoked Trump says freedom of speech much not over ride the National Security.
  5. All the leaders of such Mosque teaching anti-America or preaching against Western Civilization will be out of the country very fast with their families.
  6. All landlords of any Apartment will have additional priviledge to pay unschedule visit to tenant’s apartment and report any suspicious stuff to the local police and FBI.
  7. All online dating from the Middle East will be monitored, and any marriage with the source from such dating services will be monitored.
  8. All Fiancee Visas will be subjected to almost impossible process. All applicants will go thru DNA  and lie tests any traces of a previous deportation of any family or group will not be approved.
  9. All Syrian refugees in the country will be shipped back to Syria, any children born by them will not be an excuse to avoid deportation.


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