Hillary Clinton Failed lie test Question


Hillary-Clinton-at-senate-015NEWSZENTS: Imagine you ask your husband if he will always tell you the truth and he says, he would try to tell you the truth. How will you feel? Hillary Clinton was taken to the cleaners by a simple question from a Bernie Sanders supporters in Nevada. She was asked if she has ever lied to American people, she could not say yes or no instead she told stories. Again she was asked by a reporter if she could adopt former President Jimmy Cater Strategy who said he would never lie to the American people.

Furthermore, Hillary was asked if she has ever told a lie to the American people in all her years in government. She said “I have always tried to tell the truth” it was not good enough for the reporter and her listener, meaning, she told the truth only when it was convenient and that exposed her more than the message she was trying to convey.

It is either she must have been taken some tutorials  her husband Bill Clinton on how to evade questions without saying more  or just the in the genes of the Clintons.

At a CNN town-hall event Monday night, a student confronted the former secretary of state about the perception that she is dishonest.

“I’ve heard from quite a few people my age that say you’re dishonest,” the supporter said, describing himself as a supporter of Sanders.

He proceeded to ask her about what he perceived as an enthusiasm gap among young people for Clinton’s campaign vs. Sanders’.

Clinton said she was “totally happy to see young people involved in any way.” But she said she wanted voters to know that she thought she was frequently attacked because she fights for progressive causes.

“I’ve been around a long time — people have thrown all kinds of things at me,” Clinton said. “I can’t keep up with it. They come up with these outlandish things, they make these charges, I just keep going forward because there’s nothing to it. They throw all this stuff at me, and I am still standing.

“But if you’re new to politics and this is the first time you’ve really paid attention, you go, ‘Oh, my gosh, look at all of this.’ And you have to say to yourself, ‘Why are they throwing all of that?’ I’ll tell you why: I’ve been on the frontlines of change and progress since I was your age,” she continued. “I have been fighting to give kids and women and the people who have been left out and left behind the chance to make the most of their own lives.”

Though Clinton remains the Democratic front-runner in many national polls and leads among older Democratic voters, Sanders remains far more popular among younger Democratic voters in polls.



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