Gov. Amosun is an ingrate…Says Adio


Amosun is an Ingrate out to bring the roof down

If you are looking for an ingrate, who the Yoruba would call afibisu olore, afi Iju Olore gungi or odale, don’t look any further. You have it in Governor Ibikunle Amosun of Osun. Now he can cast aspersion on the APC leaders or the Yoruba Leaders who rescued him when he was completely down and out of the political process in 2011.

He had lost out on two occasions previously in his bid to be governor of Ogun. The third time he was languishing in the defunct ANPP when Asiwaju Tinubu rescued him and gave him the ACN ticket. Asiwaju had to beg and virtually rebel against his traditional ally and brother, Aremo Segun Osoba to be able to get the Huber ticket for Amosun.

At the time, Bourdillon was Amosun’s second abode. There were at least 10 Yewa indigenes in the race, qualified for the position and adjudged as competent. Yewa had not occupied the seat prior to that time. And here was Amosun, an Owu-Abeokuta. Asiwaju nonetheless rooted for him and prevailed on the ACN leaders to give him well.

Chief Osoba and co warned that Asiwaju did not know a serpent that is Amosun well. As it turned out sooner than later, Asiwaju did not know the slippery man that is Amosun at all, talk less well. In no time at all, he moved against his deputy, Segun Adesegun and the senators from the state for the simple reason that they were close to Osoba. Osoba himself he kept at arms length.

Then he began to undercut Asiwaju in the Southwest and Abuja. He seemed to have the ears of Abuja at the time. Because in 2015 after a crushing campaign mounted by Asiwaju and co to help Muhammadu Buhari to power, Amosun was the only guy who produced a federal minister from the Southwest in person of Kemi Adeosun who emerged Finance Minister and whose otherwise brilliant career ended on the altar of a forged NYSC certificate!Amosun began to brag that he was the ultimate Yoruba leader and that he would had upstaged Tinubu.

The same dose he gave Tinubu, he gave former President Obasanjo and Nobel Laureate Prof. Wole Soyinka, boasting that when he is done, nobody would hear their names in Yorubaland. Amosun was priming him for the Senate where his ambition is to be Senate President. In Abeokuta, his ambition is to plant in his stooge, Hon.Akinlade to hold the place in trust for him.

Akinlade himself is a man of questionable character and credentials after he was found to have engaged in large scale fraud as SSA to the Governor on Internal Revenue. That is a story for another day.
Now Amosun is crying blue murder, saying Mr. Dapo Abiodun was foisted on Ogun APC by Asiwaju and Aremo Osoba both of whom he called members of Lagos Cabal. Is he saying Abiodun, a man of immense means and network who in fact is another Amosun benefactor, is not a leading chieftain and foresmost aspirant of APC in the state. He does not need to be imposed to win and he won the support of the APC teeming members in Ogun effortlessly.

Asiwaju Tinubu and Osoba had no hand in this because Abiodun’s choice enjoyed the support and endorsement of the party’s rank and file. It was the party decision. As a leader he should embrace the party decision like some of the other candidates who contested with Abiodun.

One notable of them is Bimbo ASHIRU who has moved on. But Amosun now wants to bring the roof down! Why does he desperately want to install his successor? Why is he now out to bite the fingers that fed him? I wish the rapacious ingrate Amosun good luck!
*Adio is from Abeokuta.


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